The first ever washing machine with an automatic anti-stain system by Siemens

If you are a bit sloppy and get many shirts or blouse ruined by the food stains, or by any stains by the same talking, then the newest washer from Siemens with first available automatic anti-stain system (WM16S740), is definitely for you. Lipstick, fruit, red wine, it doesn’t matter anymore. Siemens has just launched this washing machine, and it comes with special cycles tailored to the 14 most common types of stains. Not only the software that controls the washing cycles is all new, but the drum named varioSoft, is made of totally new components. The washer is fast too, according to Siemens, it finishes the full washing cycle, including rinsing and spinning, in 15 minutes, making it the fastest among the existing washing machines. The new drum has a capacity of up to 8 kilograms or almost 18 lbs. It will wash different textiles as gently as possible and more efficiently than before. The drum surface has a teardrop-shaped form. The holes are arranged in a manner to ensure that the laundry is thoroughly rinsed and that it absorbs more water. The paddles inside the drum are asymmetric. If the drum moves in one direction, the upright paddle flanks generate strong forces for intensive washing. In the other direction, delicate pieces of clothing slide gently over the flat sides of the paddles. The cleaning process is supported by the door: the glass in the door is shaped in a way that the laundry always moves toward the center of the drum. Overall dimensions are W60 x H85 x D59 cm or 23.62″ x 33.46″ x 23.23″. The price for the all new Siemens anti-stain washing machine is only €999 or $1,259. Siemens.

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