Gutmann Invisible – ceiling built-in exhaust hood

This Invisible exhaust hood is quite creative, though the recirculated version is rather bulky as you can see in the video. But if you are looking for the experience of visual freedom in your kitchen space, accompanied by a fully functioning high performance ventilation system, this could be it. Unlike more traditional Gutmann ceiling range hoods that are installed / attached in / to the ceiling, the Invisible exhaust hides in the space behind and under crown moldings.

Exhaust installation
The system comes with a powerful, 3-speed + Intensive, remotely controlled 1,000 m³/h motor, and removable and washable grease filters. Exhaust configuration needs some sort of the decorative soffit vent, to maintain that experience of visual freedom.
Recirculation mode
Recirculation mode requires active carbon filter, air dehydration & cleaning system, buried air channel and air outlets on the floor level. With either mode, Gutmann recommends to start Invisible exhaust hood 5 minutes prior to cooking.

Video source is ZOOIDS Motion Graphic Design VFX.
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