Frecan Paradigma System – innovative modular ceiling vent hoods

The new Paradigma System by Frecan is the industry first modular suction system, developed to simply go unnoticed and stay that way in the kitchen ceiling – thanks to its compactness and ceiling light like aesthetics. The 4-speed perimeter aspiration System allows you to design a beautiful ceiling decor, creating a very functional yet completely unobtrusive light / suction layout.

You can install up to 4 modular ceiling vent hoods with 600 m³/h suction rate each, giving you an incredible 2,400 m³/h in total extraction power. Similar to Frecan Coanda range hood, the new Paradigma System utilizes the Venturi effect and allows each module to generate air currents which help to attract the smoke to each of the aspiration spots.
Each Frecan Paradigma System module comes with remote control, 4 low energy, bright 9 watt lights, deferred stop and washable stainless steel filter for easy maintenance. Frecan. Previously, Frecan Satelite wall hood.

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