Ikea range hood – free hanging lamp with extractor

This Ikea range hood combines an elegant and simply-shaped free hanging lamp and a versatile extractor, and can be used over any type of free standing range or hob, as long as you have the ceiling above. The lamp hood comes with two 20 watt halogen bulbs and three 40 watt light bulbs, supplying plenty of light both downwards and upwards. Simple to use buttons control the hood functions, switching on the fan, and adjusting the speed whereas switching on, dimming or switching off the light is done using the stick. This Ikea range hood has a dishwasher-safe metal grease filter for effective absorption of unwanted smells and odours, and a charcoal filter for recirculated mode.

Ikea equipped this range hood with 170 watt 4-speed extractor blower with maximum capacity of 274 m³/h with 66 dB noise level. Used with charcoal filter for recirculated mode only. Price is £500. Ikea. More on Ikea appliances.

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