Stainless steel chimney hood by Best S.p.A.

This Best S.p.A. stainless steel chimney hood, the K85L features edge suction and separate ambient lighting. Its metal grease filter is covered by a foldable translucent glass panel with a hinge for easy filter cleaning. The panel illuminates the hob with bright neon lamps and also lites the space above the hood in a very pleasant way. The stainless steel chimney hood comes with a 4-speed motor and a cooking fumes sensor, so it can automatically turn on as soon as fumes and vapours are detected by the microprocessors. The extraction rates are 300, 470, 615 and 720 m³/h.

Finished in brushed stainless steel with rounded edges, this 90cm wide chimney hood also has the TP control panel – the latest electronic controls with rear lighted keys. The panel includes all the traditional functions including timer, filter reset and extraction control as well as cooking fumes sensor button in certain models. Best S.p.A.

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