Island range hoods from Gaggenau

With the growing popularity of open kitchen plans, the role of island range hoods has become the one of a decorative centerpiece as much as that of a functional appliance. The sleek, high performance Gaggenau island vent hoods are designed to meet both roles.
The Gaggenau AI 200 is premium island hood with stepped canopy, built to take care of the toughest fumes from grilling or deep frying. The hood offers 3 power levels plus intensive at the push of a button. The intensive level switches back automatically after 3-, 5- or 10-minute operation to the previously selected output level. Or you can select the continued running level so the ventilation runs for 10 minutes, even after switching off to extract the most persistent odours while leaving all the noise of the hood in action however quiet it is, after dinner is over.
You can install these island range hoods in exhaust or recirculating mode. In an exhaust mode which is the most effective method, kitchen vapours are routed through the wall directly to the outside or into a ventilation shaft while in a recirculating air mode, vapours are routed through a built-in activated charcoal filter, which is normally replaced twice a year. All Gaggenau range hoods come with a stainless steel, dishwasher-safe grease filter that protects the hood interior and the exhaust air pipe from deposits. The grease filter saturation indicator informs you when cleaning is due. The AI 200 island range hood also has a dimmable soft light, suitable for either even illumination of the cooking hob or atmospheric background lighting.
Made in stainless steel or aluminium, the powerful 120 cm wide Gaggenau AI 280 is the first among island range hoods that features the Coanda effect. The idea behind it is that close to 12% of the extracted and filtered air is blown back out through the slit on the top of the hood. with the airflow following the rounded contour of the hood and going back into the area just below the filter to generate an additional pressure directly beneath the hood, in order to draw rising vapour and smoke into the filter. In case of this particular island hood, an optimised Coanda system on both sides is used.
Other key features include 3-speed electronically controlled blower with additional intensive mode with Coanda effect, grease filter saturation indicator, dishwasher-safe metal grease filter, dual purpose dimmable light panels for soft bright and ambient lights. Gaggenau.

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