Wine storage refrigerator from Gaggenau

Designed for the serious wine lovers, Gaggenau RW 496 is the ultimate wine storage refrigerator with superb temperature and humidity control. With the 3 climatically separate zones and flexible shelving arrangement, RW 496 wine refrigerator is ideal for storage of not only red, white and pink wines but also different types of cheeses, meats and cigars at the same time. Gaggenau actually incorporated a matching cigar humidor, made of selected rare woods, and all other materials used are of the highest quality.
This wine refrigerator comes equipped with dynamic cold air distribution for an even temperature in each zone, between 4°C and 21°C. An easy to read digital display located on the door panel gives you constant information on the interior temperature and 2 separate electronically monitored humidity levels. The electronic temperature control ensures maximum storage performance as well as minimum power consumption while the vibration-damped compressor assures the gentlest storage of your wine bottles.

The adjustable pull-out racks in aluminium and beech create the perfect ambient conditions, and accommodate bottles ranging in size from .375 litres up to the double magnum. You can configure this exclusive climate controlled wine storage refrigerator, so it takes 118 standard Bordeaux bottles. With the new control module, stainless steel, aluminium and glass surfaces, this Gaggenau wine cooler matches perfectly the 200 series appliances for a consistent look of your kitchen. Price starts at about 11,000 €. Gaggenau.
Wine cabinet
Wine storage cabinet

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