Dacor microwave the all new Millennia microwave In-A-Drawer

The newest Dacor microwave, the 30″ Millennia microwave In-A-Drawer, (MMDV30) redefines microwave appliance as we know it. Dacor designed this microwave to provide you with unmatched flexibility and style. Millennia microwave In-A-Drawer can be installed under the counters, in islands and open-plan kitchens, saving valuable counter top space and eliminating obtrusiveness of a typical built-in microwave. But this Dacor microwave has a unique drawer configuration that increases installation possibilities and offers much improved safety than standard built-in microwaves. The new Dacor microwave is also perfectly coordinated with the Millennia vertical wall ovens and can perfectly fit alongside or below the 30” wall ovens and warming drawers. Installing in more convenient locations, you won’t risk spilling hot food on yourself as you would in a conventional location. Features include control lock for child-safety, automatic drawer opening, three sensor cooking programs, reheat mode, micro warm mode, defrost mode, easy minute function, touch controls and clock-timer. Dacor Millennia Microwave comes with 11 power levels and 1.0 cubic foot capacity. Overall dimensions are W30″ x H15.63″ x D24.63″. See also Dacor raised vent.

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