Dacor Distinctive 24″ Microwave

Available in sleek stainless steel, the Distinctive 24″ Microwave is a classic combination of beautiful form and superior functionality, with an affordable price that has become a signature of the Distinctive Series. Loaded with exceptional features, the Distinctive Microwave offers convenience for busy homeowners who still want to serve tasty, well-cooked meals and snacks. Equipped with Dacor state-of-the-art Sensor Technology the Distinctive Microwave takes the guesswork out of cooking by detecting the moisture and humidity level of the food inside and cooking it accordingly. A built-in electronic sensor automatically sets the time for cooking or reheating and then senses the vapor emitted from the food to determine the duration and power level needed to thoroughly cook the food.

In addition, the Menu Label is clearly displayed on the inside of the oven door, providing a functional list of automatic settings to assist in meal preparation and take the guesswork out of cooking. The label provides a list of menu options, including Breakfast, Lunch, 15 Minute Recipes, Defrost, From the Pantry and Beverages, with meals or drinks listed within each category so users can cook or heat foods for the precise length of time that the dish or beverage requires. Users no longer have to worry that food is burning or remains cold in the center; the Distinctive Microwave heats each item to perfection.
Proving that speedy cooking does not have to sacrifice taste, the Dacor Distinctive Microwave comes with pre-set options for delicious recipes that can be made directly in the microwave. Complete with recipe cards so home chefs can prepare the ingredients, the Microwave display prompts users on the recipe’s next step. During the cooking process the microwave displays recipe instructions and pauses automatically to allow users to stir, season, or add ingredients as necessary, making cooking during busy weekdays effortless, yet creative and delicious
Aside from its innovative technologies, the Distinctive 24″ Microwave has features that make it truly convenient for busy homeowners. The Auto Start option ensures that a hot, tasty meal is waiting when users walk in the door by allowing them to program the oven to begin cooking at a pre-set time and power level. Home chefs can simply place the food inside, use the menu to set the appropriate time and power level, and their meal will be ready when they get home.
To ensure the Distinctive Microwave is a welcome addition in all kitchens, Dacor has included the Child Safety Lock feature to prevent unwanted oven operation by small children. The oven can be set so the control panel is deactivated or locked to eliminate any safety concerns. Additional features of the 24″ Distinctive Microwave are,
– Keep Warm to keep hot foods heated up to 30 minutes after cooking is finished with no loss of quality
– Four Defrost Options to quickly defrosts meats and poultry by weight, specific programs for each category assure excellent, even results
– Minute Plus to provide users one minute of high power cooking with a single touch
The Distinctive 24″ Microwave rolls out to authorized Dacor dealers in February 2011 with price starting at $460.

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