48″ DCS range – professional dual fuel DCS ranges

The 48″ DCS range (RDS-484GG) is the professional dual fuel range that comes with griddle and grill, and gives you the performance you enjoy for a lifetime. This DCS range has 4 dual flow burners that produce two flames instead one for ultra low simmering at as low as 140 degrees. The DCS range top is sealed for easy cleanup. As other DCS ranges, the RDS-484GG has the self-cleaning convection oven, and both ovens come with slider rack system. Dual fuel – gas cooktop and electric ovens. Overall dimensions of this 48″ DCS range are W47.88″ x H35.5″ x D28.88″. The price is $9,279. DCS or Dynamic Cooking Systems offers wide range of appliances.

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