Dual fuel range, 30″ Dacor Millennia

Dacor has recently introduced the new dual fuel range, 30″ Millennia Distinctive range which offers the perfect balance of stylish design and premium performance, giving consumers the benefits of cooking with a luxury appliance but at an affordable price. Continuing with Dacor long tradition of developing innovative appliances that enhance the cooking experience, the Distinctive 30″ dual fuel range provides home chefs with features to rival competing models, including angled control graphics that are easy to read from a comfortable standing position and electronic indicator lights for safer cooking. According to Steve Joseph, Vice President of Marketing at Dacor, the Distinctive Series combines the details and style that has made Dacor an appliance leader for more than 45 years. The dual fuel range will give a wide range of new consumers the opportunity to experience luxury for the first time.
The Distinctive 30″ dual fuel range features 6 cooking modes – Bake, Broil, Convection Bake, Convection Broil, Convection Roast and Pure Convection. Dacor exclusive 4-part Pure Convection creates uniform temperatures throughout the oven cell using a custom-designed air baffle for channeling hot air in a perfect pattern. The unique convection filter captures grease and flavor particles within the oven cell, allowing users to cook multiple dishes simultaneously without the worry of flavor transfer, making it possible to have dinner and desert ready at the same time.
On the 4-burner cooktop, the 18,500 BTU SimmerSear burner with Melting Feature offers cooks a wide range of cooking temperatures to ensure the perfect simmer, sear or sauté. Other burners include a sealed 9.5 BTU and 2 sealed 15,000 BTU burners. A one-piece porcelain-enameled spill basin beneath the burners catch any food or grease that may fall through for easier cleanup. Dacor Continuous Platform Grates make maneuvering pots and pans around burners a simple task and add extra space for over sized cookware. Smart Flame Technology reduces the flame output under each grate finger to protect the finish without limiting the temperature.

Keeping safety top of mind, so home chefs can focus on their culinary masterpieces, the 30″ Distinctive dual fuel range features Dacor exclusive Illumina Indicator Lights, which glow softly in the brand signature flame-blue to indicate that the cooktop is on. For additional safety, Dacor Perma-Flame Technology forces the automatic re-ignition of any flame that goes out unexpectedly, which keeps your pots simmering right along and eliminates any exposure to escaping gas.
Part of the competitively priced Distinctive Series, which includes the Dacor gas cooktops and Dacor wall oven, the Distinctive 30″ dual fuel range is available with a Star-K Certified with a Sabbath Mode for universal appeal. The range is sold by authorized Dacor dealers from approximately $3,800, providing consumers with all of the tools necessary to cook the perfect meal.
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