Maytag side by side fridge freezer

Big, stylish and Eco friendly, the new Maytag side by side fridge freezer offers the latest in refrigeration technology, capacity and convenience. Maytag MSS 20 FBB14 has 505 litre net capacity and is designed to keep food looking and tasting better for longer, so frequent trips to the supermarket will become a thing of the past. This side by side fridge freezer is among the most energy efficient refrigerators on the market, as it boasts an ‘A+’ energy rating, making it extremely economical for the consumer, as well as being friendlier to the environment. It uses up to 25% less energy than appliances with an ‘A’ energy class rating, and 45% less that those with a ‘B’ class rating.
Fitted with Maytag advanced electronic IntelliSense technology, the side by side fridge freezer uses special internal sensors to monitor and control the temperature to ensure better food conservation so food stays fresher for longer. It can also restore the required temperature, after the door has been opened, up to five times faster than a conventional fridge. Maytag innovative new in-door crisper, a handy temperature and humidity controlled pull down compartment inside the door, is great for storing your Five-a-Day fruit and vegetables. The fridge also keeps them fresher and crisper for longer. There are two additional refrigerated vegetable drawers that are very versatile and flexible, and one can also be set to a 0°C, which provides an additional benefit, being perfect for safely storing meat or fish for longer.
Fresh chilled and filtered water is available on tap, while the cleverly concealed water filter ensures top quality removing 99.9% of impurities. The handy water fill spigot allows bottles, glasses and jugs to easily be filled without any spillage – ideal for those exercise fanatics who want to fill up their sports bottles with fresh, healthy water. New Maytag side by side fridge freezer also has the ice dispenser which delivers cubed or crushed ice at the touch of a button and even has night time illumination that turns off after use. As it is conveniently located in the door, it frees up to 20% more usable space in the freezer. The ice container can also be easily removed so fresh ice can be served directly at the table or out in the garden – making it the perfect addition for entertaining.

Other main functions and features of the Maytag MSS 20 FBB14 side by side fridge freezer include,
– electronic LCD display
– maintenance free, frost-free system
– light touch controls for easy accurate temperature management and control
– Microban anti-bacterial filter reduces odours, kill airborne microbes, bacteria, mould and mildew
– zero degree drawer to store fish and meat safely for longer
– glass shelves with spill guard protection
– convenient in-door balconies for storing pizza boxes or ice cream tubs
– black out alert when the freezer temperature reaches an unsafe level during a power cut
– full illumination throughout the freezer for convenience
For more information and details on the new Maytag side by side fridge freezer, visit the website.

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