Electrolux Gusto range cooker with interchangeable cooktops

The new Electrolux Gusto range cooker offers fantastic cooking flexibility with 3 interchangeable cooktops – a fry top, wok top and griddle top, for creating healthy grilled dishes. Each cooktop can be switched for different types of food preparation, allowing you to cook like professional chef in a comfort of your home. Available in two sizes, the griddle top is slightly elevated to allow air flow to the gas flame and has a reservoir for collecting grease and fat. All cooktops can be easily washed in the dishwasher and stored in the drawer when not used. This 100 cm wide professional grade range cooker has 6 gas burners, including 2 triple crown burners and energy ‘A’ rated multifunction oven. The oven offers a 97 litre capacity and 8 functions plus grill. Gusto contemporary and ergonomic design features oversized metal knobs with easy-grip surface, robust handle and a digital touch panel for oven control. This range cooker from Electrolux should be available sometime soon for around £2,100.

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