Electrolux gas stove – classic range by Molteni

Electrolux builds exceptional gas stoves, and this professional Molteni stove is literally hand made, meticulously manufactured one piece at a time, and craftily assembled. For many chefs this is the Ferrari of gas stoves. This gas range made of sturdy steel and looks rock solid, but as every stove that is made by Molteni, it fits perfectly into any kitchen with ease. Electrolux treats his customers with great care, so every gas stove is made exactly according to a customer order. The range has two open gas burners, cast iron griddle and enamelled finish that can be done in six colors. Alternatively you can get the range in stainless steel. Since it made of steel, the stove weights 425 kg or 935 lbs. Dimensions are 140cm wide, 85/61cm tall and 80cm deep, which is under 55″, 33.5/24″ and 31.5″. Truly good and durable Molteni gas range that will satisfy the most selective cook and you will find Molteni stoves in million-dollar kitchens used by world star chefs. More from Electrolux.

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