Everhot ranges – the Everhot 150 range

The Everhot 150 is the largest among Everhot ranges, delivering unparalleled and highly flexible cooking performance for the largest kitchens and crowds. Being 1500mm wide, this range provides an unrivalled amount of hotplate space and contains four ovens behind its four cast iron doors. The environmentally friendly cooker is a heat storage range with extremely low electricity usage. Each oven and heating surface can be independently adjusted to the required temperature, and you can switch a particular area of the ranges off or turn it down without affecting the other areas. 2 full-width radiant grills, which can also be used to rapidly boost oven temperature. Cooking area consists of 2 hot plates, 2 simmer plate, 4 ovens. Available in black, dark blue, green, burgundy and cream. Everhot ranges. Previously, Everhot 90 range cooker.

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