Compact ranges from La Cornue – CornuFe 90 cooking range

With the CornuFe 90 compact cooking range, La Cornue makes a concerted effort to provide the first rate culinary performance in a compact space, suitable for the contemporary lifestyle and environment of young and affluent urban dwellers. This compact range comes with two electric ovens, one of which is an ingenious vertical oven. The stainless steel hob is equipped with an impressive 4 kW central burner. The mounting hardware – nuts, screws and bolts are borrowed from the motorbike field, ensuring easier maintenance. La Cornue created the 90cm CornuFé ranges to offer the maximum of culinary virtues in the minimum of space, and managed to achieve this very well. These beautiful compact ranges create quite a presence and serve as centerpieces of the kitchens even when not used. Each cooking range features one multi-function oven, one pulsed-air oven and storage drawer. Anti-adhesive grill plate and wok adapter are optional. Available in brilliant black, antique white, “cabaret” red, “Paris” blue and stainless steel finishes, CornuFe 90 also offers few trims – nickel and brushed stainless steel, polished brass and brushed stainless steel, polished copper and brushed stainless steel. The compact ranges measure only 90W x 65D x 91H cm, but the prices aren’t compact starting at £3,300. Also La Cornue Flamberge built-in rotisserie and Chateau vaulted ovens. La Cornue.

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