Fratelli Onofri Home Restaurant gas ranges

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Fratelli Onofri was founded 50 years ago and is one of the premier Italian gas range makers. Long popular in Europe – Holland, Spain and France in particular, Fratelli Onofri has just been introduced to US market. Based in Modena, the company makes high end yet affordable gas ranges, cookers, built-in hobs and built-in ovens. The Fratelli Onofri Home Restaurant line of gas ranges will bring professional chef from any amateur. Available in five models, Royal Chiantishire, Chiantishire, Evolution, Regency and Excalibur, these ranges are beautifully handcrafted and offer unparalleled functionality and cooking performance. Features depend on the model and trim. One or two ovens that can be gas or electric, electric grills, brass or stainless steel knobs and handles, under-knob one touch ignition, removable splash-backs, electronic LED programmers or analogue clocks, tangential cooling fans, cast iron griddle and more will satisfy the most demanding chef. Overall dimensions vary widely. The prices start around €1,200 or $1,544 and you will have to order from Europe. Fratelli Onofri.

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