Lofra cookers – Curva range cookers by Lofra Appliances

Founded in 1956 by the Lovato brothers in Italian North East, LOFRA S.p.A has made a long way from making pots from the war surplus to camping stoves and basic stainless steel gas cookers, to modern high-quality cookers and ovens for the most demanding consumer. The innovative Curva line of Lofra cookers is created to stand out from the crowd by introducing curved lines into the kitchen environment, dominated for decades by linear and traditional designs. Finished in polished mirror steel with a sleek front-curved design, these gas and dual fuel range cookers combine functionality, performance and striking, aesthetic good looks. Depending on the country, Curva cookers are available in several models in 60, 70 and 90 cm widths, with multifunction single and double ovens with enamel coated interior. The Lofra gas cooktops are configured with different number of burners and their main elements, including gas valves, thermostats, burners and hinges are made by Sabaf, which is renown for some of the best and safest cooking components. Each burner is equipped with Gas-Stop system to immediately cut off the gas supply in the event that the flame blows out. Features include durable and easy to clean cast iron pan supports, electronic ignition and programmable LED timer. All Lofra cookers also come with triple ring burner for fast even cooking from the centre to the edges of pots and pans. Triple glazed oven door made up of three panels of glass, creates a semi-sealed chamber and a second chamber with an air current, dramatically reducing the external surface temperature of the door, and ensuring safety and reducing energy consumption. Telescopic shelf supports allow you to pull out the oven shelves to their full depth giving easy access to items being cooked without having to lift dishes out of the oven, and for turning and basing. The reinforced shelf will support up to 15kg of food when fully extended without tilting. The prices for these ‘A’ energy rated Lofra cookers start at £1,500.

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