The multi fuel stove – Ironheart from ESSE

The charming Ironheart multi fuel stove is a splendid cooking hybrid product that makes the most of the two things that ESSE does best – it’s a superior cooker that burns logs beautifully as well a traditional cast iron range stove that cooks to perfection. This ESSE multi fuel stove is specifically designed to burn 500 mm logs length wise, providing a fantastic view of the flames through the large rectangular glass fire viewing door. Using primary and secondary air flow controls allows the heat source for the oven and the hotplates to be highly controllable, also providing an air wash which keeps the door glass clear. The Ironheart also features a unique satin steel hotplate cover to compliment the graphite finished surfaces, a classic ESSE “dog-bone” hotplate for a large hob area with designated heat zones and a large oven with vented extraction to make cooking odors disappear up the flue. This multi fuel stove is also equipped with a boiler and is capable of running a single radiator as well as providing domestic hot water. Traditional styling with modern convenience. Available from ESSE.

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