Free standing Miele steamer – Miele steam ovens

Looking for some healthy cooking ideas? Food cooked in this free standing Miele steamer will certainly delight you. The steamer preserves intensive, unspoiled natural flavour as food is not immersed in water and does not become bland or overcooked. Miele makes sure, the steamer retains its fresh, natural color, vitamins and minerals. Miele builds first-class kitchen appliances, and this steam oven is attractively designed and performs just perfectly. With a gentle food processing, this Miele steamer ensures that you can eat for pleasure, but at the same time enjoy a healthy diet. Features include LED display, electronic dial controls, electronic clock with Delay Start, programmable cooking with automatic switch-off, and fault indicator. To make your steamer even more versatile, Miele offers 2 perforated stainless steel containers with 1.5 litres gross capacity, rack, drip tray, water tank with integrated heating element as optional accessories. Finished in stainless steel, this free standing Miele steamer measures W495 x H382 x D327 mm. Price is around £740. Miele steam ovens.


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