Küppersbusch steam oven

Küppersbusch continues to innovate the functions of their kitchen appliances with the introduction of its new steam oven. The EKDG 6800.1M steam oven allows for a great variety of food preparation methods, which in turn, will enhance your culinary experience. The fully automatic cooking programs make this oven self-explanatory and easy to use. The electric oven uses an innovative steam system with hot air to produce steam outside of the oven with an external steam generator. This external steam generator ensures the correct atmosphere is reached inside the oven and allows for precise switching between steam mode to hot air mode or vice versa. This steam oven also features an additional hot air function that allows it to be used as a conventional oven as well. The oven does not require an external water supply, the removal container collects excess water for easy emptying. It can be easily integrated into any kitchen, and is easy to clean with its stylish stainless steel interior and exterior. Expand your cooking horizons with the Küppersbusch EKDG 6800.1M steam oven. See also Küppersbusch Media Profi.

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