Dacor wine station

The new Dacor Discovery WineStation is the first automated, temperature controlled, 4-bottle wine dispensing and preservation system designed specifically for the home market. This innovative wine station allows you to choose the right wine and just the right amount every time with the simple touch of a finger. The must-have for those who like to entertain, the Dacor DYWS4 Discovery WineStation makes a perfect addition to your home, maintaining the freshness of the favorite wines for up to 60 days with no loss of flavor or natural wine aroma.

Finished in stylish stainless steel, Dacor WineStation can be set as stand alone on the countertop or built-in into your cabinets, using the optional trim kit. The WineStation comes with an advanced argon gas preservation system, energy efficient and eco friendly thermoelectric cooling system that sets the ideal temperature for either red or white wine, and locking door to prevent children and too curious guests from pouring wine or removing bottles.
Dacor wine station comes with 4 LCD screens and programmable display for individual control and dispensing. You can display wine varieties, vintages, temperature settings and pouring volume. In addition, you can enter your favorite finds and private collections.
Dacor also equips the WineStation with the patented CleanPour head, allowing for simplified bottle changing and ease of maintenance. With the WineStation, there are no fixed tubes or plumbing that needs to be flushed with chemicals or cleaning solutions every time you change a bottle. The pouring head is fitted with an easy to adjust gasket designed to seal the bottle when the cork has been removed. Once oxygen has been purged, it is replaced by argon gas which is used to prevent oxidation. Price is around $5,300. Dacor.

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