Single zone freestanding wine cabinet from Caple

The single zone freestanding WF1544 wine cabinet from Caple holds 155 Bordeaux-style wine bottles in 5°C to 18°C temperature range behind a stainless steel-framed glass door, making it the perfect choice for wine lovers and a stylish finishing touch in the kitchen.

Featuring Caple state-of-the-art technology, No-frost cooling system and expert craftsmanship, the single zone wine cabinet lets you maintain the exact temperature and humidity to make sure the wine is stored at its optimum storing level and will retain all its complex flavour.
This 60cm wide vibration-free freestanding wine cabinet operates quietly at 45 dB and comes with already fitted shelves, so there is no need to pay for additional ones to make your cabinet complete. One of the benefits of a freestanding version is that you can take it with you if you move or alter its position if the mood takes you.
Ultraviolet light causes wine to age prematurely so Caple WF1544 wine cabinet doors feature UV-protected glass and the LED lighting inside is completely UV-free. Other key features of the freestanding single zone wine cabinet include,
– one piece reversible stainless steel door
– stainless steel, black spot feature bar handle
– fan-circulated cool air for even temperature distribution
– air ventilation through plinth
– 100% CHC/HFC free
– electronic temperature control and LED display
– white LED interior lighting with on/off switch
– 11 shelves, a display shelf and one base shelf
– black cabinet exterior and interior
– stainless steel ventilation grille
The WF1544 freestanding wine cabinet is priced from around £1,360. Previously, compact wine cooler.

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