Dual zone wine cooler by Lec

The stylish and functional Lec wine coolers are perfect for social wine drinkers and enthusiasts alike. The dual zone wine cooler operates at temperatures of between 5°C and 18°C, allowing both red and white wines to be stored at the optimal temperature and humidity levels. Available in three different sizes, and able to accommodate between 7 and 46 bottles of wine, the SSWC dual zone cooler features an exterior LED digital temperature display, letting you accurately control the temperature of the wine without having to open the door. Although manufactured by Lec, the stainless steel wine coolers are not visibly branded, enabling you to match the coolers with other kitchen appliances. Discreet and attractive, they have all of the quality, specification and service attributes expected from Lec products. These dual zone wine coolers also have an internal light for enhanced visibility, a reversible door and an easy-grip external pole handle – all while keeping the wine at an ideal storing and serving temperature, and allowing to showcase wine in style. The dual zone wine cooler is available in 15cm, 30cm and 60cm widths. Lec.


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