Filter coffee maker – Melitta Stage

Melitta Stage is the new filter coffee maker made for true coffee connoisseurs who appreciate design as much as their coffee. This sleek filter coffee maker comes with brushed stainless steel encasement that matches cylindrical corpus of a thermos flask and a swing-out filter made of high-gloss black and silver plastics. An integrated system consisting of lamp, mirror and lenses accommodates an innovative brewing process indicator that features a blue light bar showing the brewing progress. Blue light illuminated auto-off switch finishes perfectly balanced design. Melitta.

Other features are an aroma selector, a removable water tank, glass jug with hinged lid and finger protection, automatic switch-off function after 2 hours and swing filter with drip stop. You can buy 8-cup Melitta Stage filter coffee maker for around £120.
MyCup Melitta coffee maker
Cafina Alpha fully automatic coffee system

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