Marvel wine cooler from Chateau Collection

This Marvel wine cooler is our favorite wine cellar refrigeration piece from top-of-the-line Chateau Collection. This relatively compact wine cooler that is only 24 inches wide, 24.5 inches deep and 34 inches tall, will easily take 54 bottles. Unique Marvel wine cooler construction is on display in this wine cellar with beautiful maple wood fronts that are available in clear and solid white maple. Or you can choose prefinished shelf facings that come in gloss black, gloss white or stainless. Wine cooler door is reversible which is very neat. But what really puts this Chateau wine cellar cooler collection apart is a simply elegant recessed interior lighting that will make your wine look even more desirable. Available in three sharp colors – monochromatic black with black interior, monochromatic white with white interior, or stainless steel with black interior – this Marvel wine cooler is elegant and functional.

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