Liebherr Vinidors – 24″ undercounter wine coolers

This 24 inch undercounter Liebherr wine storage cabinet, WU 5600 is ideal for storing wines for long periods of time allowing them to mature to perfection. Depending on what temperature the vinidor is set at, it can also be used for keeping white or red wine at exactly the right temperature for serving. The WU 5600 is the smart under counter solution that allows you to store wine at a temperature level between 41°F (+5°C) and 68°F (+20°C). Features include 5 telescopic wood shelves with label holders,1 fixed shelf, double glazed tinted glass door with UV protection, intelligence sensor technology and reversible door. With a constant supply of fresh air via an activated charcoal filter and continuously circulating air cooling, this cooler guarantees consistently high air quality during the maturing process. A specially developed compressor ensures that the wines are stored undisturbed. This wine cabinet can be easily integrated since no countertop slots are required as it ventilates though toe kick base. You can buy this 56 bottle capacity wine storage cabinet for $1,650 USD.
The WU 4000 wine cooler offers a number of innovative solutions for wine storage. Controls are integrated into the insulation layer between the temperature zones, making it possible to set two different temperatures within the unit between +41°F (+5°C) and +68°F (+20°C). Store red and white wines according to your preference. You can use the entire 24″ cabinet for one wine type or store both, each at its optimum drinking temperature. Because the wine storage cabinet ventilates through the toe kick, no counter slots are necessary, and the cabinet can be integrated easily and elegantly into your kitchen. The glass door with its high-quality, elegant stainless steel frame allows you to enjoy a top-quality wine experience before you even select a bottle. The LED interior light can be dimmed to provide an ambient atmosphere. Other features are dual cooling systems, 4 telescopic wood shelves with label holders, 2 fixed shelves, double glazed tinted glass door with UV protection and intelligent sensor technology. The capacity is 40 bottles with 18 on the upper level and 22 on the lower, and the price is $2,200 USD.

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