N’FINITY wine cellar – 50 Two-Temp

Have it freestanding, recessed or built-in, the new N’FINITY wine cellar from Wine Enthusiast, the compact 50 Two-Temp offers the most sought-after wine cellar features for casual wine drinkers and devoted wine lovers. Equipped with 3 blue LED interior lights to provide a soft yet bright blue glow to illuminate your bottles for some visual excitement, this N’FINITY wine cellar is the dual zone cooler with two-zone digital temperature control, allowing you to set the upper section between 41° and 60°F while keeping the lower section in the 45° to 64°F temperature range. You can set storage and service temperatures for both red and white wine, and Red, White, and Sparkling indicator lights let you monitor temperatures at a glance.

Key benefits and features of N’FINITY wine cellar include 5 smooth-rolling hardwood shelves that glide smoothly on ball-bearing tracks for easy access and take up to 50 bottles, reversible door with stainless steel trim and UV-protected glass, reversible door hinges and handle, and built-in key lock. Overall dimensions are 34.5″H x 23.75″W x 26″D with handle. You can buy the 50 Two-Temp N’FINITY wine cellar for $1,000. Other N’FINITY cellars with prices ranging $1,800 to $3,300 are also available from Wine Enthusiast.

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