Vinotemp 50 bottle seamless wine cooler

Featuring a black cabinet with a stainless dual-paned glass door and gliding metal shelves with black wood trim, the Vinotemp 50 bottle, seamless wine cooler stores your wine in style. The distinctive black rack is a patent pending Vinotemp design exclusive.

The VT-DS24SB50 Vinotemp vine cooler has a soft glowing interior light to elegantly showcase your wine collection. With its digital display and adjustable temperature control that supports 45° to 65°F temperature range, the centrally located control panel makes maintaining the ideal wine storage environment a simple task.
This Vinotemp 50 bottle seamless wine cooler can be installed under your countertop or set as freestanding in the living room or office. The cooler is also outfitted with a technologically advanced charcoal filter that creates natural ventilation and humidity, ensuring that your wine matures in as ideal conditions as possible, without the influence of outside contaminates.
The seamless wine cooler comes with a French style key and lock. Price is around $1,700. Vinotemp.
Vinotemp wine cabinet
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