Mahogany wine cabinet by Kessick Wine Cellars

[KBIS 2010 Review]
Get your custom mahogany wine cabinet to showcase those prized bottles you collected over the time. Made from solid Mahogany and finished with a clear coat lacquer to bring out the natural beauty in the wood, such a cabinet can take up to 168 wine bottles while measuring only 84″H x 40″W x 14″D. Kessick manufactures its wine cellars using the environmentally conscious hardwood plywood called Greenply. It is environmentally engineered to exceed Eco-friendly regulations and to promote building with products that support a sustainable earth. Designed for those who care how the products of today impact our tomorrow, Greenply core veneer comes from sustainable New Zealand plantations and is available in at least 15 finishes, such as Cherry, Hickory, Walnut, Knotty Pine and of course, Mahogany among others.

When ordering your custom Mahogany wine cabinet, consider the following options Kessick Wine Cellars are offering,
– 100% solid finished Mahogany racking
– Champagne-spaced individual columns
– aesthetic wine bottle displays
– bulk diamond and rectangle bins
– wooden case storage
– stemware racks
– tasting niches
– climate control systems
– wine barrel furniture
– cigar humidors
The price for the Mahogany wine cabinet by Kessick Wine Cellars shown above is $3,500 USD.

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