Frost free chest freezer by Electrolux

The ECM3571 chest freezer from Electrolux offers advanced options for your freezing needs. The Frost Free experience guarantees that you will never again have to defrost this appliance – a process that saves time, money and effort in addition to ensuring the preservation of your food flavor and texture. This chest freezer also features an “Easy Ice” component, a special compartment that makes ice in just 5 hours with two smart ice trays, ensuring you always have ice on hand. The ECM3571 also features an “Easy Lid” with a low suction seal that is counter-balanced for easy opening. The vacuum release valve on the back of the chest ensures that this freezer door will never be hard to open, due to vacuum build-up – an issue that has plagued other chest freezer units. In additional to all that, this Electrolux chest freezer has a “Fast Freeze” function which freezes food quickly in order to retain as much nutritional value and taste as possible. A feature-rich chest freezer from Electrolux.

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