WMF Presto “Kaffee maschine”

The WMF Presto “Kaffee maschine” offers diverse choices for percolated beverages in a compact yet stylish package. With separate grinder compartments that allows for a choice among espresso, cafe creme and hot chocolate, or any beverage that combines those ingredients, the Presto allows for customization of the perfect hot drink. Measuring only 32.5 centimeters, this “Kaffee maschine” can easily fit into small spaces. The Presto comes with a barista cup, a large water tank, a permanent water connection and choice of one to three grinders depending on your preference. The intuitive user interface and easy touch buttons allows for the perfect beverage with minimal effort. Available in yellow, pink, orange or blue, the “maschine” is an excellent choice for the person who wants diverse coffee options with ease of operations.

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