Siemens noFrost freezer

Siemens expands your long-term food storage options with its new 70cm noFrost Freezers. Made with an integrated automatic defrost system, this noFrost freezer never requires manually defrosting. These appliances are especially energy-efficient, boasting the top rating in energy efficiency class – an A++. With widths up to 70 cm, the Siemens noFrost freezer offers plenty of space for large items, over 40% more storage space than comparable units. These freezers defrost themselves by directing moist air from the interior to the evaporator via a ducting system. The moist air is deposited as frost, cooled down and then passes back into the interior of the appliance as dry air. Any frost that forms on the evaporator is melted with a small amount of heat and then routed outside where it evaporates into a drip tray. With the Siemens noFrost freezer, food retains its original taste, quality and texture because the heat is extracted more rapidly upon freezing. This freezer also features a new pizzaBox that can accommodate up to six 28 cm pizzas, an iceTwister which produces ice cubes on demand, and newly designed lighted draws with more illumination. The easy-to-use handle effortlessly opens the doors to reveal the interior and the freezer blocks that are supplied with the product. The Siemens noFrost freezer measures W70 x H185 x D75 cm. The price is €1,059 or $1,387.

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