60cm Hoover Cool Frost Free Plus refrigerator

The 60cm Hoover Cool Frost Free Plus refrigerator, VCN6185B looks very cool with its unique curved doors and designer metal handles. This fridge freezer comes with several innovative features, such as Frost Free Plus which uses two separate fans for the fridge and the freezer providing the ultimate frost free system. An intelligent adaptive sensor saves energy by constantly monitoring frost growth. The fan in the fridge ensures even chilling while the fan in the freezer prevents the build up of ice, so you will never have to defrost again. Quick Chill Zone is ideal for drinks or groceries that need instant cooling, as this area chills up to 45% faster than other fridge freezers. A controllable channel at the back of the cabinet takes air from the freezer and blows it through multi-directional vents that you can easily control. Stay Fresh Zone is the dedicated temperature controlled zone which operates between 0º and 3ºC to keep meat, fish, and cooked and chilled foods fresher for longer. Other attributes of this Cool Frost Free Plus refrigerator include Digital Temperature Control, Ice Cold Bottle Door, Telescopic Glass Shelves, Fast Temperature Recovery and Versatile Wine Rack. Fridge capacity is 206 litres and freezer capacity is 81 liters. rated “A+” for energy consumption. The price is about £480. Hoover also developed new 60cm fridge-freezer, VisionCool VCF6185B, part of Black Vision collection. Hoover fridge freezers.

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