Freshness Frost Free refrigerator-freezer combos from AEG

AEG is bringing several innovative refrigerator-freezer combos this summer that combine the two most sought-after refrigeration technologies – NoFrost and Fresh-Box that extend shelf life of stored fresh foods. The NoFrost system prevents the formation of ice in the freezer, so time-consuming thawing and subsequent cleaning are avoided, while the innovative Fresh-Box affords fewer shopping trips because it keeps food fresh and crisp for much longer. AEG new TwinTech system with separate evaporators provides two distinct air circulations in the refrigerator and freezer, maintaining the optimum conditions for both – dry cold air in freezer with no ice formation and sufficiently moist cool air in refrigerator for optimum flavor and longevity.

Fresh-Box is the 16 liter pull out drawer positioned at the coldest part of refrigerator. Thus, the cold air from the evaporator can flow into automatically, creating ideal temperatures that are up to 15% lower than in conventional refrigerators. The following new ‘A+’ energy rated AEG Freshness Frost Free refrigerator-freezer combos will be available shortly, retailing from approximately 950 € – SANTO 75 448 KGR, SANTO 75 388 KG2, SANTO 75 380 KG2, SANTO 75 340 KG2.

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