Dual swing door refrigerator from Sharp

Two high-quality ‘A++’ Sharp refrigerator models offer a new degree of accessibility. The SJ-WS360T and SJ-WS320T are available in silver and black, and feature unique Sharp Dual Swing door system, so that they can be opened to both left and right with no special installation. At the same time, the two-door refrigerator models come equipped with the advanced technologies to ensure uniform cooling, comprehensive refrigerator hygiene and high energy efficiency.

The freestanding dual swing Sharp refrigerator will be quite handy in smaller kitchens – now you can open its doors flexibly without interfering with the other appliance or drawer door that is open on either side of the refrigerator.
The functionality and performance of these Sharp fridge freezer models is as important. You will have the intelligent hybrid cooling system that combines the technologies and advantages of two different refrigerating systems – direct cooling using an aluminium panel cooled to approximately 0°C, which cools the compartment through heat conduction, and a dynamic air-flow cooling system, which ensures a uniform distribution of cold air inside the entire device. With this hybrid cooling system, foods keep their natural texture for longer without drying out. Additionally, the No-Frost function prevents frosting, so that the tiresome and long task of defrosting the freezer compartment is a thing of the past. Sharp own PlasmaCluster technology also reduces the spread of specific moulds, thereby improving hygiene inside the refrigerator. Unpleasant odours are prevented by the integrated deodorizer. In the separate chilled case with a temperature of around 0°C, even the most delicate foods, such as fish and meat, remain fresh for longer.
The SJ-WS360T and SJ-WS320T dual swing door refrigerator models offer 366- and 326-litre capacities and feature LED lighting, Nano deodorizer, electronic controls, adjustable glass shelves, variety of door pockets and compartments. Priced at around € 1,200 to € 1,400. Sharp.

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