Fhiaba Integrated and StandPlus refrigerators – exclusively Italian

Made in Italian north-east, the new Fhiaba Integrated and Standplus refrigerators offer today’s most demanding consumer top quality construction, high performance and innovation which are normally reserved for high end professional refrigeration. Made of the highest quality AISI 304 inox steel, these exclusive refrigerators are designed for top quality kitchens, bringing distinctive style, luxurious stainless steel finishing, professional refrigeration system, clever solutions for internal space management and a wide range of models. Simply put, Fhiaba preservation system represents the answer to modern life specific needs.
Fhiaba Integrated Series is the answer to the increasing demand for built-in refrigerators, freezers and wine cellars. Integrated series elements offer the opportunity to install them together in different and functional combinations perfectly fitting in the kitchen environment. Integrated Series can be completely integrated in the interior context design with the customized panels in coordination with the style of the kitchen. StandPlus Series offers a total freedom to choose the installation type, as all elements can be installed either as free-standing or built-in appliances. Like Integrated Series refrigerators, one or more elements of StandPlus Series can be installed together, creating countless customized combinations for food conservation and storage.
Fhiaba Integrated and StandPlus Series were projected in collaboration with Giorgetto Giugiaro and come with ingenious technical solutions such as FhiabaAccess interactive digital display – a system that allows a precise managing of temperature and humidity levels, and TriMode drawers with 3 possible operating modes – fridge, fresco and freezer. Fhiaba TotalNoFrost is a 100% automatic system that eliminates the need for defrosting. Not only does it simplify maintenance, but it also enables a faster return to normal operating temperature every time the door is opened thanks to its significant cooling speed. Available in 90 cm, 75 cm and 60 cm widths, these elements allow you to create truly personalized preservation systems. Fhiaba also offers EvenLift – a new patented system to re-organize fridge compartments in a fast and simple way with no need of removing the sliding shelves, making the fridge interior an organized and versatile space. EvenLift shelves slide over a rack system placed at the back of the fridge. For people who love refined cooking made by fresh products, Fhiaba presents Fresco drawers that keep food fresh longer. Fresco drawers are inserted in a dedicated compartment with controlled temperature and humidity levels. This exclusive feature enables the consumer to always select the appropriate preservation conditions for the ideal preservation of fresh produce, meat and fish. These refrigeration elements ensure maximum silence and are rated ‘A’ for energy efficiency. The sophisticated electronic control manages compartments defrosting with the Real Time Clock, determining the time of the day when the doors are more frequently opened to automatically activate Defrost function in most suitable moments, e.g. at night time. Fhiaba.

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