Side-by-Side Linea refrigerators from Bosch Appliances

Linea 800 Side-by-Side refrigerator

Linea Refrigeration is the new Energy Star rated counter-depth, Side-by-Side refrigerator line from Bosch Appliances, that is designed to deliver superior food preservation and inventive interior features, combined with a clean, modern design. Available in a 300, 500 and 800 Series, the new lineup complements Bosch full product suite of Eco-friendly and highly efficient home appliances. All models feature the DualCool system that enables independently controlled temperature settings. This system ensures consistent temperatures within each side, while eliminating the transfer of odors between compartments for more hygienic storage of food. When combined with the quiet speed compressor that quickly responds to temperature needs, the Linea Side-by-Side refrigerators ensures maximum, yet efficient cooling performance to keep foods fresher longer. Multiple sensors throughout the refrigerator and freezer also help to maintain consistent temperatures, while the noFrost system doesn’t require defrosting, which saves time and energy.
The Linea has a clean and sophisticated exterior look achieved by its door extending all the way to the floor. This distinctive long door eliminates the appearance of a bulky grill, which as you can see from our recent Side by Side refrigerator review is quite common in many premium refrigerators. Hidden hinges also contribute into a seamless built-in look. Illuminated flush and frameless ice and water dispenser with exterior display is perfectly integrated into the freezer door. The lockable and easy to clean dispenser is tall enough to accommodate large container sizes.
The SuperCool and SuperFreeze functions enable you to quickly chill warm and fresh foods straight from the supermarket by dropping the interior temperature to the lowest possible setting. Once this temperature has been reached, the refrigerator or freezer will then automatically return to its original setting. The Multi-Flow system provides high circulation of cold air throughout many openings in each compartment of these Side-by-Side refrigerators for more uniform and constant temperatures, ensuring that foods remain fresher longer.

Linea 800 interior

The top-of-the-line 800 Series features the unique and bright CoolGlow lighting system. This U-shaped LED lighting is integrated flush along the back wall and throughout the unit to offer stunningly clear visibility of foods and easy cleaning. Separate LED lighting in the freezer and the top of the refrigerator, as well as in the exclusive FreshProtect box temperature controlled drawer, serve to further brighten up the interior. This FreshProtect keeps humidity and temperatures accurate and customized for fish, meat/poultry or produce. Resistant to external temperature fluctuations, foods kept in this drawer will stay fresher up to 3 times longer. The interior can also be customized to accommodate maximum storage space. The 2 exclusive EasyLift glass shelves hold 25 lbs each and are on a circular track, making it very easy to adjust their height by up to 2″. The EasyGlide door bins are fixed onto a rail system and seamlessly glide up and down to accommodate large gallon bottles. Other features are sliding frameless InfinityGlass shelf, a can door and bottle rack, and an AirFresh Filter and Ionisator that offer the best protection against odor.
The freezer includes 2 cooling packs stored behind the ice and water dispenser. They can be utilized to not only protect food longer in case of a power outage, but can also be removed and used for travel coolers. A large full-extension freezer basket can accommodate a Thanksgiving turkey. The exterior LCD display and control panel allow you to activate functions like Quick Ice, which cools the freezer as cold as possible to produce more ice in a 24-hour period, ECO mode, which saves energy and reduces lighting on the display and Vacation mode, which further saves on energy usage when the refrigerator is not needed for long periods of time.
The 500 Series Side-by-Side refrigerators include many of the premium features offered in the 800 models including the flush LCD exterior control panel, AirFresh carbon air filter and a FreshProtect box for customized food storage. Additional design features include 1 adjustable EasyLift glass shelf, 2 slide-out glass shelves, tilt out freezer door bins for better access, 2 cooling packs and spill proof glass shelves with a metallic front trim for a more premium look.
A perfect introduction to the efficient refrigerators from Bosch Appliances, the 300 Series Linea offers a flush LED control panel on the exterior, 3 slide-out spill proof shelves that can be height adjusted according to the storage needs at hand, full-extension refrigerator drawers, gallon door bins and tilt-out freezer door bins for maximum customization.
Linea Side-by-Side refrigerators will be available in September 2008 in high gloss white, black and stainless steel with a suggested price range of $1,700 to $2,600. Bosch Appliances.

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