Meneghini refrigerators from Robeys

Meneghini refrigerators are very unique, you come to this conclusion the minute you see them. Meneghini hand made cabinets bring the most authentic original design combined with the latest refrigeration technology from Liebherr. Aged cherry wood and walnut, Lebanese cedar, mahogany, pine and chestnut finishes are some of the top choices. Or you can have your Meneghini painted in one of 500 satin colours. These refrigerators come in so many styles and finishes that they can fit into any kitchen decor. When it comes to hardware, Meneghini refrigerators come with solid brass or chrome plated handles and hinges in polished or satin finishes. The refrigerators project timeless classic elegance and refined lines and are available in a variety of sizes and fridge-freezer combinations. The prices range from £2,536 or $4,697 to £16,614 or $30,775.


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