Gorenje Pininfarina fridge freezer – a green appliance

Green appliances help the environment and save your money. Take a look at Gorenje Pininfarina RK2000 P2 fridge freezer featuring precise temperature control, ‘Go and Save’ holiday mode and Eco saving mode. It is ranked A+ by Energy Saving Trust which makes this Gorenje Pininfarina a socially responsible refrigerator, a green appliance. It is designed by Mr. Paolo Pininfarina – the third generation of the Pininfarina design dynasty, who are famous for the super fast, gas hungry sport cars which most of us can only dream about. This Pininfarina is however, sleek, functional and not overly expensive. The black band has an integrated touch control screen in light grey tones which is almost invisible at a distance due to the dense black surrounding it. Colors, shapes and materials strictly adhere to the overall design concept. The shelves are made of glass with a shade of green that contrasts beautifully with the convex-shaped brushed aluminium. The annual running costs is puny £25 or $47. Overall dimensions are H2000 x W600 x D645 mm or 78.75″ x 23.63 x 25.4″. You can buy Gorenje Pininfarina fridge freezer for a price of £1,400 or $2,603. Gorenje.


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