Whirlpool French Door refrigerator with external ice and water – new by Whirlpool

You can put a stop to search and rescue missions for last night’s leftovers and tomorrow night’s ingredients with Whirlpool brand’s new French door refrigerator with external ice and water. This new configuration provides optimal shelf, bin and crisper space, great for a long tray of sandwiches, a turkey or even a watermelon. This is all possible in part to the In-Door-Ice system, a removable ice bin now built into the door.
Since the early 2000s, the French door configuration has been re-energized, outpacing more standard styles and experiencing a 27 percent growth since the first quarter of 2007. The design is ideal for those who like to keep their refrigerators stocked with fresh food, at eye level and within reach. The doors open wide allowing consumers to see most everything inside and providing 27 cubic feet of preservation space.
Today’s French door refrigerators have both the width for larger items and the features once only available in the side-by-side configuration. Whirlpool latest design integrates the ice bin into the door, which allows for more room in the shelf area, but still provides ice and water from the door externally. This set up is good for both the family on the go and the family which entertains.
Knowing the refrigerator is the focal point in most kitchens, Whirlpool has revamped aesthetics with the latest model, including a new color LCD touch control. The panel includes an industry-first power outage monitor letting consumers know how long their refrigerator may have gone without power, to best determine food spoilage.

With this Whirlpool brand French Door refrigerator, there is no need to keep bottled water on hand. A reusable water bottle can be filled quickly with the unit’s Measured Fill option. It can be set to a predetermined amount – cups, liters or ounces of water, and the dispenser will stop when the level is reached. Drinking filtered water instead of bottled water can save a family up to $600 a year.
Additionally, the refrigerator meets the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star guidelines, exceeding efficiency standards by 20 percent. Running this refrigerator uses less energy than powering a simple 75-watt light bulb.
The Whirlpool French door refrigerator with external ice and water is arriving in May 2009 in white, black, Satina and stainless steel with a suggested price starting at $2,700. Whirlpool. Previously, Whirlpool refrigerators.

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