GE Café French door refrigerator with hot water dispenser

More details on the new GE Café French door refrigerator, the CFE29TSDSS, that has hot water dispenser. Previously covered in GE French Door refrigerators for 2012, this 29 cubic foot fridge freezer heats up to 10 ounces of filtered water in minutes, using customized 90°F to 185°F temperature range or 4 preprogrammed settings, which are 90°F Keep Warm, 150°F Cocoa, 170°F Tea and 185°F Soup.

GE is betting on the rapidly growing tea popularity in the U.S. The tea industry has steadily increased from under $2 billion in 1992 to over $8 billion in 2012. And coffee drinking remains very robust. Thus, if you are a tea aficionado, there is no need for a thermometer and a sophisticated electric tea kettle to get a precise temperature at which to brew your favorite tea. More on GE Cafe Appliances.
In addition to hot water, this Café French door refrigerator features the most advanced water filtration system in the industry. The easily replaceable filter, the RPWF model is used in all latest GE French door refrigerators and certified by an independent third party to remove 98% of 5 trace pharmaceuticals, including ibuprofen and progesterone.
Other main elements of this GE Café French door refrigerator with hot water dispenser include,
– a full width, adjustable temperature controlled drawer to store meats, beverages, produce, cheeses and citrus foods at optimal storage temperatures, from 32°F to 40°F, with red, green, blue, aqua and purple LED lights in the drawer giving visual cues of the temperature chosen
– an innovative odor filter designed to allow you at the touch of a button to reduce unwanted odors within the fresh food section
– TwinChill Evaporators for separate air flows and climates in the fresh food and freezer sections to help maintain temperature and humidity levels to keep foods fresh
– a drop down egg tray, door storage for gallon sized products and adjustable shelves in the fridge section, and 3 freezer baskets and a space saving door ice maker in the freezer section
The suggested retail price of GE CFE29TSDSS Café French door refrigerator is $3,000. GE Cafe.

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