Bosch MaxoMixx blender

Packing more power than most full sized hand blenders, and a nice complement to Bosch MaxxiMUM kitchen machine, the portable Bosch MaxoMixx will quickly transform fresh ingredients into delicious meals. You get essentially 5 different operations – blending, slicing, mincing, chopping and liquifying with the special liquidizer attachment.

Equipped with the 12-speed 750 Watt motor and a pulse function, the MaxoMixx combines unrivaled power and short preparation time in a compact must-have blender. In spite of all the power and speed, the MaxoMixx offers effortless handling, thanks to its low vibration motor and non-slip, comfortable soft touch handle.
From whisking to chopping, you will find that the multiple accessories allow you to master even the most challenging recipes. All accessories, including the QuattroBlade Pro Foot are detachable and dishwasher safe.
This Bosch MaxoMixx blender becomes a whisk or a chopper with a simple change of detachable accessories. Detach the blender foot using the eject button and fit on the XL chopper, which is fitted with a S-shaped knife to dice up ingredients such as herbs, nuts, onions, meat, and cheese. You can make almond or peanut butter. There is even a separate knife attachment for crushing ice cubes for that cocktail party.
You can also have the Bosch MaxoMixx blender with 800 Watt motor. Price is between € 80 and € 150, depending on the motor and range of accessories.

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