Ravelli pellet stoves

Ravelli RV80
The Italian made Ravelli pellet stoves feature a tough combustion chamber made from FIREX 600, a vermiculite based material, carefully developed by Gruppo Ravelli after long and extensive research. The combustion parameters are automatically regulated using Ravelli Dynamic System or RDS, to ensure safety and maximum efficiency. The RV80 shown above offers 82% efficiency and heats up to 7,600 ft³.

Other features of Ravelli RV80 include majolica tiling in white, black or red, cast iron grate, cast iron burn pot, glass ceramic door with border, heat resistant up to 750°C, function controls with graphic display and remote control, timer thermostat, tangential fan heating, glass cleaning system, programmable thermostat and removable ash pan.
The Eco Start ignition system ensures that the stove lights quickly and safely. By reducing the time for which the ignition element has to operate, the system dramatically extends its life. A supplementary air duct over the door creates an air cushion between the flame and the ceramic glass, to keep the door glass clean for many hours of burning. In addition, a practical and convenient remote control allows you to adjust temperature and power as required. The stove is available in the US and Canada.
Ravelli RV110
The RDS is a brand new concept in the field of biomass fueled heating. The system is based on an innovative, intelligent and eco friendly technology developed in very close cooperation with the Technical Physics department of the Mechanical Engineering faculty of the University of Brescia.
The 11.0 kW Ravelli RV110 heats up 325 m³ at 85% efficiency. This humidifier-style stove also improves the air quality in dry rooms. You can also add natural essences and oils. Other key features are colourful majolica tiling in white, black, parchment, Bordeaux or Oriental Earth, steel baffle and cast iron burn-pot, cast iron grate, glass ceramic door with border, heat resistant up to 750°C, function controls with graphic display and remote control, timer thermostat, centrifugal fan and glass cleaning system. Sold in the UK.
A timer thermostat lets you program 2 ignition times and 2 finish times, so that you can make optimal daily and weekly use of the stove. A stainless steel heat exchanger means increased fire resistance and reduced wear.
Ravelli Oivia Steel
Available throughout most of western Europe, Olivia comes in 2 flow models, Steel with painted steel side panels and Ceramic. The Steel can be ordered in white, black, Bordeaux, Grey Anthracite or Hazelnut, the Ceramic in white, black, Bordeaux, Hazelnut or Oriental Earth. The stoves come with exclusive Ravelli Flow System for ducted stoves to ensure a control on the diffusion of the heat in different rooms for the ideal temperature.
This RFS eliminates the loss of air quantity, keeping always the maximum performance of the fan. The system allows 2 settings – manual and automatic. Manual gives you maximum flexibility, while automatic provides for maximum comfort. Other features are automatic glass cleaning system, function controls with graphic display and remote control, choice of upper side, lateral and back side exhaust, tangential and centrifugal fans, standard programmable thermostat.
Finally, you can control your stove with your mobile phone. Ravelli pellet stoves can be equipped with GPRS kit, which allows to turn off, turn on or adjust the stove from anywhere in the world during your travels, simply sending a short message from your phone. Particularly suitable for those who want to use the stove to heat a second home, whether at sea or countryside, the GPRS allows to return home and find it warm and comfortable, even after periods of absence. Once you make the necessary adjustment, the GPRS module sends a message to inform you that the operation was successfully completed. Ravelli.

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