Electric indoor grill from Electrolux

The portable electric indoor grill, EGC 8000 is made of stainless steel with the grilling plates coated by DuPont Teflon Select – tough scratch-resistant material, which facilitates the cooking and makes cleaning easier. The upper removable plate has ribbed surface while the lower is flat with the slight slope to help eliminate excessive grease. Perfect for outdoor as well as indoor application, the electric grill comes with adjustable thermostat and floating hinge to ensure even cooking. And in order to save space, this Electrolux indoor grill can be placed vertically when not in use.
Large 962 cm² grilling area and 2.4 kW electric element which heats both upper and lower plates, allowing you to grill indoor everything including fish, seafood, vegetables, fruits and various kinds of meat quickly and with mouth watering results. In just 20 minutes, you can grill enough meat for 7 burgers or cook a complete dinner for 4 persons.

The Electrolux EGC 8000 electric indoor grill comes with removable fat container, cooking and ready indicator and convenient folding handle. Priced at approximately €95.
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