Hotpoint-Ariston OpenSpace 60cm designer oven

OpenSpace of Hotpoint-Ariston has the largest usable cooking cavity among its peers. While measuring standard 60cm wide, OpenSpace offers 70 liters capacity against 58 litres of a conventional built-in oven. Designed by Makio Hasuike, the ‘A’ energy rated oven is the first in its class to cook perfectly uniform on 4 levels simultaneously. This Hotpoint oven comes with 10 cooking functions, enabling you to prepare practically any dish. The oven interior features special insulator that basically divides the cavity in two sections, main and small. Both can be used simultaneously to prepare a complete dinner in less time, or use just one section for a smaller meal. You can adjust cooking temperatures between 50°C and 250°C, and have up to 100°C difference between the two areas.

Other key features at a glance include,
– main section has 48 litre capacity and can cook simultaneously on 3 levels
– 22 litre small section is ideal for quick heating, using OpenSpace Fast Cooking function that reaches 200°C in 4 minutes
– intelligent Fast Clean pyrolytic system that selects from three cycles depending on how dirty the interior is
– intuitive digital display
– heat resistant wide glass door
– double halogen lighting
For more information on OpenSpace oven visit Hotpoint-Ariston.

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