Champion juicer – masticating juicers

The Champion juicer operates on the mastication process, thoroughly chewing the fibers and breaking up the cells of vegetables and fruits, and thus, giving you more fibre, enzymes, vitamins, and trace minerals. As more value is extracted from fruits or vegetables, more color pigments are also extracted. This is why Champion prepared juice is darker and richer in color, when compared to that of a conventional centrifugal type juicer. Whatever the Champion juicer produced juice is, whether it is carrot juice, mixed vegetable juice or straight chlorophyll juice such as parsley juice or turnip leaf juice, it will be dark, whereas the champion extracted pulp is quite pale in color.
The Champion juicer household model, the G5-NG-853-S is powered by a industrial strength, heavy duty electric motor. A full 1/3-horsepower General Electric motor with stainless steel motor shaft, front and rear ball bearings for smoother running and cooler operation gives a high starting torque, delivering plenty of power for an improved masticating process, that chews the fibers to break loose high volumes of cells saturated with important healthy values. A floating cutter effectively separates the juice from the pulp in one quiet, continuous operation. A large, 1.75″ diameter feeding chamber reduces preparation time by eliminating the need to cut vegetables into smaller pieces. In addition to fresh juices, these Champion juicers can also make fruit sauces, baby foods, nut butters, ice cream, sherbets and fruit smoothies. Changing just one part instantaneously transforms this juicer into a homogenizer. A grain mill attachment extends your healthier eating choices to include grains and flours.
Easy to assemble, use and clean, these masticating juicers are made from long-lasting stainless steel to resist both wear and food odor. A stainless steel shaft is complemented by the tempered stainless steel blades, cast directly into the cutter for added strength. This way, the blades will never separate, twist, tarnish or rust. Designed to produce the best and most nutritious juices, the masticating Champion juicer is available in white, black, silver and almond. The price is $250.

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