Modern Siemens gas hobs

The new Siemens gas hobs represent the best in gas cooking. These versatile gas hobs come in several configurations offering power, performance and cooking flexibility. Cooking with gas still can be fun and done in style.
The Siemens ER 59553 EU gas hob has four gas cooking zones in one row. This line gas hob is flush-installed for improved ergonomics of your modern kitchen, with pots and pans moved easily from one cooking zone to another without lifting. The control knobs of the modern hob are ergonomically arranged on the side, and are easy to handle, and leave plenty of space for pots and pans arranged on the side. The smooth, stainless steel surface of the gas hob is very easy to clean. See Binova Fires line gas cooktop with similar design.
The ER 94350 Mx is innovative 36 inch wide, stainless steel Chinese gas hob. This modern cooktop has three wok burners with a performance of 4.2 kW on the right and left side, and 3.8 kW in the middle, giving you 12.2 kW in awesome cooking power, enough for the most demanding Chinese cooks, who prefer to cook ingredients quickly and at high temperatures in a wok. Comes with a matching wok adapter ring. The gas burners are specifically engineered for this hob, reflecting the clean, modern design language of Siemens. Large control panel is inclined towards the user and features a black plate that highlights the print markings.
The stainless steel ER 57353 EU modern gas hob has five cooking zones, each with two burners on the right and the left, and a large burner in the centre. With the flush-level installation of the hob and the pan supports, pots and pans are at a lower level, improving ergonomics for the cook and creating a stable stand for pots and pans, regardless of shape and size. Pots and pans can also be moved easily from one cooking zone to another without lifting. The control knobs are conveniently centered at the front of this Siemens gas cooktop.
This Siemens ER 947501 EU is 36 inch gas on glass hob with the professional grade integrated wok to meet practically all your cooking demands. Three smaller gas burner and one large powerful burner are easily controlled providing you with truly professional cooking zone. 1 high speed wok burner with 5.60 kW, 1 high speed burner with 2.80 kW, 2 standard burners with 1.90 kW each and 1 economy burner with 1.10 kW of power. Other features of this modern gas hob are one hand ignition, flame failure device, front mounted controls and rubber feet on the pan supports. Siemens.

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