Philips juicers – Philips HR1858 and HR1681 juicers

Equipped with powerful 650W motor motor and unique micro mesh filter, the new Philips juicer, HR1858 literally swallows whole fruits and vegetables and squeezes every drop. You don’t have to cut and chop anymore. And thanks to the capacity larger than most Philips juicers, and feeding tube with 75 mm diameter, you can get plenty of juice and fast. Two-speed control allows you to select speed and power for soft and hard fruits and vegetables. These juicers are very easy to clean as all parts are dishwasher safe. Equipped with non-slip feet, safety clamps and stainless steel spout, these sleek Philips juicers supply a perfect juice instantly. The price is £70.

And if you want even more power and don’t mind paying few extra pounds, you should get Philips HR1861 Pro Aluminium juicer. Excellent Philips juicers in sharp anodised aluminium with unique micro-mesh filter, 700W motor, 2 litre pulp container, and stylish 1.5 litre juice jug. The price is £80. Philips. Previously, L’Equip citrus juicer.

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