Rotating pizza oven by Deni Appliances

You can bake thick- and thin-crust pizzas in a matter of minutes with the countertop rotating pizza oven from Deni Appliances. Made from brushless stainless steel, the pizza oven is simple to use and clean. Ideal for homemade or frozen pizza, bagels, calzones, breads, stromboli or tortillas, this 1,100 Watt oven has top and bottom heating elements with adjustable temperature controls and heats up to 450°F. The rotating nonstick pan ensures even baking of foods every time. No preheating required and 30 minute timer alerts you when food is ready. Deni also incorporated a special safety feature, that shuts oven off when lid is lifted. A see-through window lets you monitor food as it cooks. And this rotating pizza oven is compact, measuring only 16″L x 13.5″W x 8″H. Comes with 15 pizza dough and topping recipes, and instruction booklet in English and French. Buy the pizza oven from Deni Appliances at Chefs for $65. Previously, Deni food steamer.

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